Privacy And Policy

Our website is very cautious in protecting the privacy of the readers/visitors. This is the main reason why we protect the information. In determining the gathered as well as used information from the visitors/users, the (website) implements this privacy policy. We remind the visitors or users to read carefully the fine details of our policy when using our website and must likewise follow when they leave comments or feedback.

For visitors/users who need to utilize our site, they will need to agree on the aforementioned practices based on this guideline.

Gathered Information

When gathering information from our users or visitors, we ask for their names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, ages and their genders. The collection of data however only happens when the visitors or users present them willingly. We utilize the information to help them complete their requests, but we never use them for any unrelated purpose unless there is permission.

Monitoring and Collecting Web Cookies

We check and monitor the different cookies for conformity online and we remind the visitors/users that we also have the consent of the European Union for cookies that originate from them. We always follow this important consideration to track down our visitors or users better. In most cases, we only collect the data involving the user/visitor’s browser and operating system used. We collect data about browsers and operating systems to make sure we monitor the number of people who view the website daily. We utilize these data in expanding online and providing the best services within the implemented guidelines.

Sharing of Information

When distributing the information/data, our website only share them to government agencies and companies with agreement to us in tracking down fraudulent transactions. When sharing them to other involved parties, we make sure this action is legitimate.

Modifying the Policy

When we need to change this privacy, it is within our authority to make the adjustments.